Wednesday, 11 December 2013


The young people’s gala held on 10th Dec 2013 in Entebbe in commemoration of the International human rights day proved to the public that all children are capable of expressing their views; and the small children who face difficulties in articulating their views through speech can be encouraged to do so through art, poetry, play, writing, or singing. The poem below titled ‘INCLUSION AND THE RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE IN PUBLIC LIFE’ compiled and presented by Kitende Church of Uganda Primary School children with guidance from HUYSLINCI and support from IDF caused impassioned arguments about the appropriate degree of child participation. This poem was derived from Article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of Children (CRC). 

Hey Ugandans, Politicians, Educationists, Environmentalists, Religious leaders and Health workers.
Here we are, Children;
Reminding you of our Rights,
We are also Human beings,
Who should be considered.
We are the future leaders of tomorrow.
Allow us to participate in public life,
Don’t forget us, small as we are
We can do something for the Nation,
We can make suggestions if you give us chance.
Don’t forget us in the time of elections,
We can also elect Presidents, Members of Parliament, Mayors,
LCs, name it.
Hey Educationists, hear this,
Why do you leave us behind when making the syllabi?
Include us please, for we are the ones who are going to study
What is being layed.
Thanks to the Religious leaders.
They allow us to participate in the services,
By lifting God in praises and preaching the gospel.
Hullo LC 1
Include us in judgment of cases,
Especially those ones of our fellow children,
You at times judge them unfairly,
Involve us in order to save them.
As if it is not enough, teachers forget us when budgeting for UPE funds.
The is a reminder, that is our money,
We should suggest what to be bought, not forgetting balls,
Musical instruments like drums and pianos.
In conclusion therefore,
We urge all Ugandans,
To revise their systems of forgetting us Children in participating in Public Life,
For God and My Country