Monday, 14 April 2014


Manwera Keitesi aged 27 lives in Dwaniro village, Dwaniro Sub-County – Kiboga District. Manwera rented a house from one, Mr. Miyingo Kato for a period of 10 months and also signed a tenancy agreement with her Landlord. All was well until Mr. Muyingo decided to sell off his plot of land along with the house to Mr. Lwamulango after Manwera had just spent 2 months in the rented house.
Mr. Muyingo successfully concluded his deal with the new landlord and even shifted to his new home without introducing Manwera to her new landlord. Trouble started when the new landlord, Mr. Lwamulango wanted to evict Manwera from the house without prior notice because he needed the house to provide residence to his relatives.
Little did he know that his tenant Manwera had been educated on her rights as a tenant by a Human Rights activist/paralegal, from Uganda Community Based Association for Child Welfare (UCOBAC), Mr. Kulabirawo Francis, during a community sensitization meeting about women’s rights to land and property. UCOBAC with support from Independent development Fund (IDF) is implementing a two years project on Women's land and property rights in Kiboga District.
Upon receiving the notice to evacuate the house yet she still had eight months ahead, Manwera sought the help of a paralegal, with whom she shared her ordeal with and asked for his intervention. In response, Mr. Kulabirawo arranged for a meeting with the new landlord. He listened to both sides, reviewed both agreements and convinced Mr. Lwamulango to come to an agreement with Manwera on how to settle the misunderstanding since they both had evidence of signed agreements stipulating their rights to the property in question.
Mr. Kulabirawo proposed a refund from Mr. Lwamulango to Ms. Manwera for the remaining 8 months she had in the house. Although Manwera was hesitant to accept the offer, she later consented when the paralegal got the new land lord on board to help her search for new residence. A refund for the 8 months was made to Manwera; which she used to pay for her new home. Today Manwera is happily settled in another house at Dwaniro trading Centre. “I am grateful to UCOBAC for educating me about my rights and for also intervening in my situation” Manwera remarks.