Sunday, 13 April 2014


In a place where education had ceased to be relevant, with girls seemingly discouraged, tired of education and hopeless about the future, Katwaki Agency for development (KAFORD) with support from Independent Development Fund has managed to sensitise the masses about the importance of education, restore hope and seen more girls going back to school. Reports indicate that most girls in the sub counties of Ongongoja and Ngarian Sub counties had dropped out of school, given up on life and were either trying out marriage or hoping to get married soon since they had no one to encourage them to go back to school regardless of the existence of UPE/USE in the area.
KAFORD conducted several out of school sensitization meetings during which it educated the children and care takers on the need for education. And from these efforts many have been encouraged to go back to school. Those that had gone in for trial marriage have also quit and returned to the classroom. Apparently the number of those who have reported back to school has so far has reached 15. According to the deputy headmaster Odoot primary school, the girls seem to be more serious than the boys. “i find the girls more serious because none of them has dropped out, yet among the boys one has again disappeared” he remarked. Reports from the respective schools where these children are, so far, indicate that the performance of these children is average/ encouraging. We believe that with more support and motivation, they will do better.
Ityamat Kevin (Ngariam Seed School), Amal Betty (Aperu Odoot), Nume Florence (Ngariam PS), Adeke Grace P.5 (Odoot PS) and Amongin Sarah (Odoot PS) are some of the girls that have returned to the classroom. Although the boys and girls have agreed to go back to school, they are still challenged by the lack of scholastic materials and uniform. However KAFORD managed to provide start up scholastic materials (books, pens and sets) to the girls and also talked to their guardians, teachers and fellow pupils to continue encouraging the new girls to stay in and complete school. The girls have equally been encouraged to work hard especially during the holidays; like doing casual jobs to help them raise money for more books, pens and uniform. On the whole most parents have appreciated the change in attitude and have pledged to support their children’s learning.
They are also in close contact with the KAFORD paralegals who are assigned to continue talking to the girls. So far, through the paralegal’s interventions, one Ikuret Scovia of Ongongoja Secondary School has been reconciled with her parents, who have now accepted to take care of her fees and scholastic materials. Ikuret Scovia says she is going to be a role model to other girls of her age.
A paralegal talking to both mother and daughter.
When asked about early marriage that most of the young girls are engaged in, Scovia had this to say; “marriage life is difficult when you are young. Most girls shed tears while sharing their experience with me. They even advise me to concentrate on education and be different. They tell me how their husbands sexually exploit them yet they will not provide or care for them and their children; not even when they fall sick. This particular friend of mine with 3 children feels she wants to go back to school but wonders who will take care of the children. She feels so bad that the best she can do is just to encourage me to stay in school and have a better future.