Thursday, 15 May 2014


The National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU) is one of Independent Development Fund’s (IDF) supported grantees. NAWOU in partnership with Kamuli District Women Development Association (KADIWODA) undertook advocacy initiatives geared at empowering the citizens especially women with means and ways of standing up for their Constitutional and Civil rights. The two years project titled “Promoting Democratic Accountability as a Mechanism for Human Rights Promotion in Kamuli district equipped citizens with knowledge and skills on how to hold their leaders accountable and demand for effective service delivery. Several results have been registered from this action, for instance;
Mbulamuti Community Members Demand for Construction of a Borehole.

For a long time, the people of Buluya parish, Mbulamuti Sub-County had been challenged with limited access to safe and clean water, and also suffered unfulfilled promises from the local leaders to construct a borehole for them.  Despite several follow ups with the leaders by the community members, no borehole was constructed until NAWOU intervened.  NAWOU worked with Buluya drama group to develop and stage several skits and songs on access to safe and clean water, and the roles and responsibilities of
A community activist George Lwigale testing the constructed borehole.
leaders in providing this. NAWOU also worked with the communities to hold community dialogues with the local leaders about the same. These actions mounted pressure on the local leaders to fulfill their pledge.  The LC I and II of Buluya Parish in return followed up the issue with the Sub County Woman Councilor and Secretary for Health.  The matter was later tabled before the District Council meeting and it was referred to the Area MP who funded the construction of the borehole. The borehole was constructed and launched in December 2013. Today the community Mbulamuti is happily accessing safe and clean water with ease. 
Community Members Demand for Rehabilitation of Namwendwa Road
In Namwendwa Sub-County Namwendwa parish the murrum road to Namwendwa Health Centre was full of deep potholes and in a bad state- making it almost impassable during the rainy season.  Several times the community in collaboration with NAWOU’s project monitors complained to the Sub County leadership – office of the Community Development Officer (CDO) about the worsening state of this road. In response, the CDO forwarded the matter to the Sub County Chief, who later presented the matter before the District Council Meeting. Council resolved that the District Chairman should share this concern with the area MP Hon. Asuman Kiyingi. With the support of the Area MP, the road was rehabilitated and is now an all weather road with safety humps. 
Conclusively, through the project, several women groups and community members have been empowered and have gained confidence to demand for better service delivery from their leaders. An improvement in the performance of leaders on their roles and responsibilities in improving service delivery has also been observed.